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While this blog helps you out with most travel tips, FAQs and travel guides, it’s still good to have someone to rely on for a curated holiday – and that’s where I step in (again)!

For a small fee charged at per person per day, I curate door-to-door holidays within India for those bitten by the travel bug like myself.

What’s door-to-door? I curate trips with such detail that you don’t have to worry about your transportation or accommodation bookings also. Apart from a day-wise itinerary based on your interests, I also make transport and accommodation bookings on your behalf. (At a minimal commission).

Why should you plan your trip with Wayward Wayfarer? Having spent a considerable amount of time across the lengths and breadths of this big, wide country, I have formed deep bonds with people in the tourism department across India. 70% of the bookings I make are through personal contacts. The rest 30% are made through such intensive research, that you’ll be left feeling a 100% satisfied! Additionally, I curate trips at the best prices in the industry.

On an even brighter side, I try to give all accommodation/ transport bookings to local vendors, thus helping the local economy. This way, you can trust your money is going in the pockets of those who deserve it the most. #VocalForLocal, anyone!?

Before you submit this form, please read my blog on

“How to be a sustainable traveller”

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