My name is Avantika Chaturvedi. I am a 21 years old literature graduate living in New Delhi. My alter ego is a budget backpacker travelling across India. I started off with a “12 months, 12 destinations” mission in 2018 and I love natural spaces be it walking through a jungle, climbing a mountain or swimming in the open sea. I’m a water baby through and through. You can put me in any natural water body and leave me for hours and I won’t complain! I have always loved documenting beautiful and interesting concepts- be it people, places, trees or sunsets- both in the written and image form.

The idea of Wayward Wayfarer came into being when I somehow when I stumbled upon wayward– meaning ‘difficult to control; insistent upon having one’s own way; headstrong’, and wayfarer– meaning ‘a person who travels on foot’, it was a eureka moment for me. Travelling slow and solo to places that are off the beaten path is my way of doing it. I love interacting with locals, learning about different cultures and going to places where most say “there’s not much to do there”. Sustainable and responsible travel is a huge part of who I am and you will never find my buying packaged water, travelling in private taxis, staying in big capitalistic hotel chains or eating at big capitalistic food chains while on the go. Locally sourced, locally made food, local public transport and local run accommodations are how I like it.

I am an experienced content writer and editor. Apart from the several stints I did in terms of writing and editing while in school and college, I have written web content for Tripoto, Thrillophilia, Trekatribe, Karwaan Journeys and Ever Outdoor to name a few. As for photography, I am mostly into landscapes and sometimes portraiture. Some of my best work can be seen on my Behance and all my other work is available on Instagram and on my Facebook page.

If you wish to work with me, please have a look at this page.

Happy reading!

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