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A travel blogger and photographer, I am also currently a third year literature student at Hindu College, University of Delhi. An experienced content writer and editor, I have worked with Eat My News Pvt. Ltd. as a Managing Editor for 6 months, heading a team of 50 content writing interns from all over the world including the USA, Nigeria, Morocco, Iraq, Italy, Haiti, Egypt, and of course, India. In addition, I delivered sessions at the Youth Leadership Conference for Eat My News. I was also an Associate Editor with D.Youth, Delhi University’s first ever students’ magazine, and worked with them to conceptualize and make the magazine a reality.

I am a budget backpacker who loves slow and experiential travel. Also an adventure and adrenaline junkie, I love trekking, and have scuba diving, paragliding, skydiving and bungee jumping on my list. In January 2018, I went off an a ’12 months, 12 destinations’ mission and have traveled to 15 destinations as of October 2018, all this while managing my academics! To know more about me, please click here.


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I am open to collaborations with brands and properties in exchange of both monetary compensations, and barter. If you would like to work with me, please write to me at to talk about the project and deliverables in detail.

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